Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) (1 ml (250mg/ml)) UK

Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) (1 ml (250mg/ml)) UK


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Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) produced by Alpha-Pharma Healthcare should be classified as a mild steroid. At the same time, it is an excellent drying tool. Learn how to use Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) correctly. Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) produces a mild effect on the body and its main task is to give the muscles additional relief.

Testocyp amp. (Test Cypionate) 1 ml (250mg/ml) is popular among athletes who are professionally involved in sports requiring constant physical strength load – triathlon, bodybuilding, powerlifting. In medicine, it is used to restore and strengthen bone and muscle tissue after injury.

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